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Aschar t-shirt Men


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This t-shirt was designed by a refugee in Zürich. T-shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and are produced according to fair-trade principles, by an organization in India that re-trains and employs former prostitutes. We are currently filling out the paperwork necessary to employ Hussein, so that he can directly receive 20% of the money generated from each t-shirt sale.


Design by: Hussein Mohammadi (Afghanistan)

Story by: Hussein Mohammadi (Afghanistan)

There is a good tradition in the countryside in Afghanistan. It is called Aschar. For example, when a person wants to build a new house, or build an addition to their house, they invite the other people of the village to Aschar. On this day, all the men of the village come to help that person with the building. The person who invited all the others cooks a feast for everybody.

The people work together, and besides the work, they entertain each other. They are happy. At the end, they eat. This happens without any payment; nobody receives money. This could also work for the city: as a community, we could build new roads, a hospital, or a school, for example.


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