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Fliegen t-shirt Women


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This t-shirt was designed by a refugee in Zürich. T-shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and are produced according to fair-trade principles, by an organization in India that re-trains and employs former prostitutes. We are currently filling out the paperwork necessary to employ Khalid, so that he can directly receive 20% of the money generated from each t-shirt sale.


Design by: Khalid Ahmad (Kurdistan/Iraq)

 Story by: Khalid Ahmad (Kurdistan/Iraq)

In my youth, when I was between 7 and 16 years old, in the springtime, on the afternoons after school and during the summer vacation, I was a shepherd of lambs and young goats. At that time, all the families in my village built their houses using clay and stones. There were a lot of little holes in walls, and the sparrows and other birds lived there with us.

In my country, the sun shines all day in the summer. Because of that, the sparrows’ nests become too hot, and that’s why they fly away from the village late in the morning, into a forest with very old and large oak trees. At dusk, they fly back to us in the village to eat the leftovers from our meal.

In the evenings when I was coming back to the village as a shepherd, I often disturbed the birds’ flight with my slingshot – I do not know why. Now, I think; besides having fun with my slingshot, I probably didn’t like that the sparrows always left us during the day.

Now after all this time, I wish that every person had two wings. Then we could fly away whenever we like; we could leave one another, and when we don’t want to stay where we are anymore, we could fly back to each other.



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